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The website contains legal information that can be used by everyone who lives permanently outside Poland, but needs legal assistance in matters related to their relationship with Poland, in particular:


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In recent years, many Poles went abroad (mainly for profit). It happens that some of them receive information from family or friends from Poland that the post office tried to deliver an official letter to their registered address or that the police were looking for them. How to check if you are not wanted by the Police or if someone is not being wanted by a warrant? Whom to ask for help? determination of the state of the criminal case.

determination of the state of the criminal case

Often, Polish courts or offices demand presentation of Polish copies of marital (birth, death or marriage) certificates. What if birth, death or marriage took place abroad? In such a case, a foreign civil status record should be located in Poland. transcription


Poland is a country with a rapidly growing economy. A member of the European Union and NATO. More and more people in the world are considering settling in Poland and starting work in this country. What conditions must be met? Where to turn legalization of stay.

legalization of stay